This selection includes

testimonials expressing

gratitude for my wRaps,

my training and for my

inspirational speaking.

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“It would be safe to say that George stole the show. His wRAP up of the day was brilliant – playful, insightful and the perfect way to end the day on a high note. Not only did our speakers love the way he expressed their talks, it was a surprise for the audience and he got the only standing ovation of the day! I am looking forward to having George participate in our other events in the future.” – Maryam Pasha, Curator, TEDxEastEnd


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“Wow, what a session! I really felt that it worked on another level. Especially for those creatively minded living in the City!

What I loved and enjoyed about the session was…

The concentrated encouragement to be creative, think outside the box and become more aware of oneself.

The exercises connected us on a child-like liberating level, that enabled us to break the confines of adult seriousness and expectation.

Apologies if this comes across as a very detailed analysis, but I had no idea what was going to happen and was subsequently wowed!

Thank you so much.” Georgia Lewis – Playshop Participant


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“Thanks again for your amazing wRAP at the leadership conference, it was a fantastic round up to the day!

The way you took the time to bespoke your poem to each home personally and looking at the particular Home Manager you were referencing was a really special touch…the team was really moved by it.

It wRAPPED up the conference in a really nice way. Summing up our day up beautifully. The team appreciated they were actually more in sync. with each other than they realised and the synergy between the team and the energy in the room after you wRAPPED was great.

You are a true wordsmith George, thank you.”     Avnish Goyal – Founder, Hallmark Care Homes




“Your wRAP was the PERFECT way to end a magical day” (Harry Singha)



“Insanely Talented and Extraordinary human being” (Jimmy Davis)



“I Loved the wRAP”(Daniel Priestley)



“Best TEDx event wrap ever by @ GHwRAPs!” (Piotr Drozd)



@GHwRAPs – You Sir, are an unbelievable talent. (Jade & Kyle)


My beautiful friend bought me a wRAP from George.
It’s such a priceless gift…very, very touched by such a fabulous present.

Anita Langley

Gift wRAP testimonial

“Being able to give such a unique gift made me feel such a unique connection to my closest friends on their special day. Revealing funny stories and special character traits in such a clever and personal way was such a surprise to my fabulous friend and his new wife making them roar with laughter and tears. Such a fabulous and entertaining way to reveal someones life in a short sharp journey that all of their friends had fun with by supplying the information and stories in order for George to work his magic!”
J. MacVarish

Gfit wRAP testimonial

“Hey George,
I had a secret preview…I am in tears!!!
You are gorgeous thank you very much. He will love it.
I will play it before dinner tonight.”
N. Jarvis

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