Visionary Message Session

A REAL Strategy for TRUE Connection



In today’s hyper-connected, constantly-on world, engaging people and claiming their attention has never been more important.


And you’d better believe the competition’s stiffer than a corpse that died taking viagra. With over 180 000 photos and over 72 hrs of video being uploaded EVERY MINUTE to Facebook and Youtube respectively, you have to be able to stand out and captivate your desired audience.


To do this, you need a Visionary Message, a rallying cry that lets people know why they should trust you and follow you.


The Visionary Message session is a two part experience. 


Firstly, we need to discover your TRUE Story, so through creative play that uses coaching tools, the power of metaphor and transformational storytelling we help you to achieve absolute clarity on the core vision and values you wish to be known for.


Next, you’ll need a REAL strategy for how your will share your value with the world. The second part of the Visionary Message process helps you to create a document that serves as a foundation from which all your communications flow. This ensures that you are able to consistently and powerfully connect with your audience.


If you’re ready to stand out, partner with us now and together we’ll bring your Visionary Message to life.




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