My best tools to help you find your purpose and harness your creativity


Each session in a box can arrive with you as a physical product, but i always prefer to offer them as downloads – this saves on paper for the planet, postage & packaging for me, and cost for you. A nice triple win.


Each Session in a Box contains:

  -  The full audio/video of the session delivered by me

  -  All relevant slides in both Powerpoint and Keynote formats

  -  Session workbooks for participants

  -  Advanced trainer notes if you wish to deliver the session yourself

  -  Direct access to my team and I so we can answer any questions you may have regarding the Session



Poetry Playshop in a Box:


The Power Poetry Playshop is an interactive session that uses fun, creativity and language to help you and your team to gain fresh insights, develop new ideas and explore the core values that underpin your work.


I make one promise: that you will wow yourself.

I have run this Playshop around the world, and the only constant is the amazment on people’s faces when they suddenly realise what they have been able to create so effortlessly and enjoyably.


Visionary Message in a Box:

The Visionary Message session is a two part experience.


Firstly, we need to discover your TRUE Story, so through enjoyable exercises and guided creativity practices that use coaching tools, the power of metaphor and transformational storytelling, the first part of this session will help you to achieve absolute clarity on the core vision and values you wish to be known for.


Next, you’ll need a REAL strategy for how you will share your value with the world. The second part of the Visionary Message process uses a series of powerful questions that help you to create a document that serves as a foundation from which all your communications flow. This ensures that you are able to consistently and powerfully connect with your audience.


Creative Uprising in a Box:

If you are wondering what your next move should be, or what your purpose in life is, then this Session in a Box is a must.

In your Creative Uprising Session in a Box, you get the full audiobook version of my book Creative Uprising: How to Find, Live and Earn From Your Purpose and you get the full Playbook that accompanies it.


All-in-One Box:

All of the above, All for one fair price.

With the All in One Box, you can get creative with your own Playshop, live your Creative Uprising, and share your Visionary Message with the world.

Oh…and you can save £244, which always helps.






Order Sessions in a Box All in One Box @ $197.00
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