Would you like to give someone you love a gift they will never forget?

Comission one of my Gift wRAP poems and they will receive a personalised work of art created just for them. They will feel loved, appreciated and wowed…which means you’ll feel pretty awesome too!

The even better news is that despite everyone who has witnessed the power of these amazing gifts telling me I should put my prices up, for summer 2013 I’m keeping the price at only £147


“Hey George I had a secret preview and I am in tears!!!

You are gorgeous, thank you very much. He will love it. I will play it before dinner tonight.”

(N. Jarvis)

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If you’d like to know about how it all works,

you’ll find more information below:


Give a Unique Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Your opportunity for a truly special way to make an UNFORGETTABLE impression.

Maybe for Valentine’s day, a birthday, an Anniversary, or maybe for a best man’s speech,
Every personalised GIFT wRAP is a one-of-a-kind creation.

If you would like to guarantee joy, smiles and that the person receiving the gift treasures it for a lifetime,
Get a GIFT wRAP now!

But what’s a wRAP?”

A wRAP is where I use my talent as a Performance Poet and Storyteller
to take everything that is amazing about the person receiving the gift and
turn it into a rhyming poem that wRAPs up everything about why
that person is loved and what a special gift to the world they are.

Here’s how the process works. You get:

A 1/2 Hour Gift wRAP consultation

This important first step is where we connect so that I can discover
Who the wRAP is for and what giving the gift means to you.

The consultation is also for discussion of timescales & other necessary information.

A recipient story survey

This carefully crafted questionnaire allows you and any friends of the recipient
to give me as much info and insight into them as possible
This means I can work my magic and create a stunning wRAP for them.

A Video, an Mp3 and a PDF of the finished wRAP

Once I have completed the wRAP, all that’s left is giving the gift
I like to make this as easy as possible. After deciding the video format
You will receive a private link with all the content.

You can then give the gift how you choose
And just watch their face light up with joy!

(p.s. Have some tissues ready. Tears of joy are frequently shed!)

One final thing I should mention.
When you see their reaction to the wRAP…YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING!!!
(just so you’re ready :-) )


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Here’s a selection of responses from people who have given
one of my wRAPs to someone special:

“George, that’s BRILLIANT!!!! Love it! … WOW!
I am crying, so better take lots of tissues for ……. for tomorrow!

(M. Van Eijndhoven)

“Wow, I am truly speechless! It is beautiful x
Thank You Thank You Thank you!
Can’t wait to show it to …… and tell you his reaction.
I just sobbed with happy tears!
xx massive hugs x”
(C. Symes)

“The wRap was AMAZING! …….. cried with laugther…

I was informed it was the best gift of the night!”

(J. MacVarish)

Wouldn’t it be amazing to make someone you love feel so special?
Give them a Gift wRAP. Click the PayPal Button to begin. :-)





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