The Old Rules No Longer Apply

 (or ‘Why every young person and parent should read Entrepreneur Revolution by Daniel Priestley’)

This blog certainly didn’t begin with the intention of suggesting you check out a book, but, as the writing unfolded, that’s how it turned out.

This blog was intended to be, and indeed it still is, an urgent plea to parents, to young people and to dissatisfied nine-to-fivers.

The time has come to stop kidding yourself.

Of what? That the old rules still apply to today’s world.

A life lived according to the old rules went something along the lines of go to school…get good grades…get a job, or, if you were lucky, go to school…get good grades…go to university…get a better job.

This model worked fine for a globalising world, where cheap oil and cheap labour were fuelling unprecedented growth and corporations were expanding into the multinational behemoths we see today. As a result, there were plenty of ‘safe jobs’ to go round.

That was then. This is now.

 Now is a time when we realise that, sadly, much of that growth was of the brutally unsustainable kind, and has done untold damage to both our natural and social ecosystems.

 Now is a time when we are more globalised and connected than we could have dreamt of even 15 years ago. Back then it took 10 minutes just to view a photograph online. Today over 180 000 photos and 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute to Facebook and Youtube respectively.

 Now is a time where, as an entrepreneur, you can run an entire business from the smartphone in your pocket. If you are someone who is creative – an artist, musician, chef or perfomer – you can promote your work for free to an audience of billions and take advantage of the kind of distribution services that were once only available to those institutions such as TV channels, record labels and large museums whose pockets were deep enough to afford the exposure.

 What does all of this mean for you as a loving parent, as a young person wondering what to do with your life, or as someone who is in a purposeless and unfulfilling job?

 It means now is your time. The old rules most definitely no longer apply.

If proof were needed, you need only look at the rise in computing power to know that the idea of a ‘safe job’ has become and oxymoron. As more and more human jobs are replaced by computers and software capable of vastly out-performing us, it would seem there is very little humans have left to offer.

One consequence of the disintegration of the old rules is that the western world is seeing record levels of youth unemployment. Those who are lucky enough to get a job face, according to The Guardian, ‘the prospect not only of lower wages, smaller pensions and less job security than their parents enjoyed, but also of less satisfying careers.’

Thankfully, there is an alternative, which is to embrace what author and entrepreneur Daniel Priestley calls the ‘Entrepreneur Revolution’. The title refers to the emerging phenomenon of the Global Small Business – small dynamic entrepreneurial teams who are able to offer greater flexibility, reliability and customer service than the household name large business, whose size, overheads and entrenched hierarchical corporate culture make them grossely slow and inefficient at responding to such a swiftly changing world.

 Thanks to the unfolding of The Entrepreneur Revolution, there has never been a better time to build a living around doing something you are passionate about. The ‘safe job’ and ‘sensible option’ no longer exist. Far better to start now mastering something that brings you alive, so that within the next five years you can be sharing that is of truly world-class value.

In this context, we can see that what humans have to offer, that no computer yet can match, is our ingenuity, our creativity, our passion, our heart. When you are building something that captures all these things for you, the results can be astounding.

Be clear though, it will be challenging, and you will have to work hard…but always keep in mind that the thing that is so ‘hard’ is the challenge of turning something you love doing into a vocation that keeps food on your table and a roof over your head.

It will take time, but probably not as much as you think, which is why, if you are a parent reading this, I urge you not only to support your children to discover something they are passionate about, but also to commit to supporting perhaps a little longer then you might have expected so that they have time to master their gift and start earning the rewards they deserve from it.

 What might a future look like, where our young people were encouraged to be creative, to be entrepreneurial and to use The Entrepreneur Revolution to share their unique and valuable gifts with the world?

This much is certain: there would be less wars, less famine and less ignorance, because when human beings rise to the challenge of doing what brings them alive, they are joyful, so have no time for violence, they are imaginative, so find more solutions to more problems, and they keep learning, because they are exploring something that fascinates them.

Forget the old rules. Now is the time of the Entrepreneur Revolution.

Now is YOUR time.

Keep sharing your gifts with a fearless, fierce love.


p.s. I will be following up this post with Part 2 very soon.

If you want to know more about the Entrepreneur Revolution, you can check out Daniel’s book HERE

Success Redefined…

Do you ever feel not good enough?

Maybe you don’t. Maybe everything’s always awesome.

More thank likely though, you’re like me and the other 6 999 999 990 people on this planet who every now and then feel like they don’t measure up, like their not performing at the level they know they should.
(rather than going for the nice round figure of 7billion, I have assumed that somewhere around the globe there are probably 10 or so holy men/women who have managed to move beyond the world of duality into eternal oneness and bliss. If you are one of them, well done. Good effort. You probably won’t get much from reading this piece. Actually, you’re probably meditating in a cave, so it’s unlikely you’ll encounter this blog. Actually, on second thoughts, you’ve probably got some uber magic powers and can probably read my mind, so you knew what I was going to write even before I started. Well done. I’d probably better get back to the rest of my readers who aren’t quite at walk-on-water standards yet.)

So as I was saying, there can be times for nearly all of us when we don’t feel we’re good enough. Those times can definitely suck balls/vag in a major way, so today I wanted to share with you one of those ‘penny-drop’ moments I was lucky enough to experience a day or so ago.

As is so often the case, it was my wife who was the catalyst for this moment. Fan is one of those amazing souls who seems to be able to say the perfect thing at the just the moment it is needed.

We were discussing where we felt we were at in our various endeavours, and I was saying how I felt I hadn’t quite hit the mark I knew I was capable of achieving. I’m afraid I can remember the exact question/phrase Fan spoke next because it kind of made my brain implode in a crystal flash of clarity.

The essential thrust of her point was that perhaps I was quantifying my success and achievement in false ways…and that in fact, even beyond the questions of success or failure, there may lie an even greater lesson/blessing.

It came to me very clearly that the insight that was being revealed was not one about success or failure, rather these were just the way for the lesson to be delivered. What was being shown was a lesson in how to be…a lesson in love.

As a performer, it would be dishonest of me not to own that I take a thrill in being well received by an audience, especially if I have been able to serve that audience by inspiring them and enriching their lives in some small way.

I realised as the penny dropped that if some form of fame and being well received, or cash in the bank were the yardsticks I used to work out how much self-worth I allowed myself to feel…I’d always come up short. I’d only ever give myself the chance to feel ‘good enough’ for the briefest of moments.

It became clear that the true test of success/achievement, one which we can all achieve in every moment, no matter what may be happening in the world, is to love ourselves and others wholly and completely and without judgement.

Even if I found myself broke and homeless…and yet I was able to give love and nurture to myself and others…would that not be an awesome success?

If I was booed at and laughed off stage…and was still thrilled to be alive, and could feel love and joy for the audience who had laughed and booed me…is that not true success?

I’m sure you have heard this idea countless times before…but sometimes all it takes is for us to hear an idea one more time for it to shift from our intellectual awareness into our experiential awareness. This was what happened as Fan and I talked, and it is for this reason that I have shared this blog with you.

I’ll leave you with one final thought:

Offer a child a choice between a priceless diamond and a bar of chocolate, and they will choose the chocolate nearly every time.
More than anything else this proves we are not on this planet to acquire things that only have value because we happen to have collectively agreed they are valuable.

We are on this planet to learn how to love each other courageously, truthfully and without compromise…and to celebrate that love with passion and creativity.

Every moment you love yourself and others you are a success greater than any words could express.

Thank you.

p.s. if you could do with hearing just the right thing at just the right time to help you make some real transformations, you might want to check out what Fan does:

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