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Thank you for visiting. I hope you’re having a fantastic day. May you love and be loved, now and always.


I’m George. There are 3 main beliefs that shape my story.


1.     The world we experience is dependent on the stories we choose to believe


2.     We each have a unique fingerprint because we each have a unique contribution to make to the great story that is life.


3.     Your unique contribution is to do what you love, with all of your heart and soul.


I feel that as a species we are only realising a fraction of our true potential. Thankfully, we are waking up.


We are realising that for the last few centuries we have subscribed to a paradigm of disconnected, violent scarcity, the fruits of which have been war, starvation, economic enslavement, the pillage of the natural world and the savaging of self-esteem on a global scale.


As I suggested in my recent TED Talk on resilience, our struggle has not been in vain. We are seeing the rise of a very different way.


More and more of us are deciding to be the change, to play our part in ushering a new paradigm of interconnected, abundant peace.


I try to do my bit by offering

Inspiration, through my poetry, writing and performances;

Education, through my speaking and creativity training;

Transformation, through my work as a synergist.


A what?


A synergist is a combination of a coach, mentor and personal think tank – someone who helps you be more than you thought possible.


I’ve been fascinated by the concept of ‘synergy’ ever since a dear friend shared the following analogy of what synergy is. My friend explained how if you have two candles, and you hold them apart, you get the light of two candles (not surprisingly). However, if you hold the flames together, the two candles create a flame that gives out the same brightness as four separate candles. 


As a synergist, I serve those who wish to use their creativity to transform their own life while making a difference to the world. This is why I wrote my latest book, Creative Uprising: How to Find, Live and Earn from Your Purpose.


In the book I share the three steps needed to ensure you are giving your gift to the world in the fullest way possible. I also outline why there has never been a better time to be attempting to sustain yourself by doing what you love.


To find out more about the book, or to discover the Creative Uprising Community, you can head over to CreativeUprising.com.


For now, I’ll wrap things up by saying that I am alive on this planet to be a part of creating a more loving world. Each day I try to master and improve the talents I’ve developed.


If you think the person I am now can help you become more, then please get in touch: George(at)GeorgeHardwick.com


Love and blessings to you and yours.


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