It’s a wRAP

I offer three services to help you really create an impression.


1. The Event wRAP
My speciality is closing events in a way that makes audiences go “WOW!”

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2. The Gift wRAP
Give a gift unlike any other!

This is your opportunity too give someone you love or appreciate the gift of a lifetime.

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3. Access Your Anthem

Let my group of inspirational Singers, Rappers and Musicians take your team on a creative journey of discovery, bonding and growth.

The journey’s end will be a professionally recorded Company Anthem

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Join the Creative Uprising

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”


In today’s world we are presented with both challenges and opportunities that are greater in scope than at any other time in human history.

If we are to thrive as a species, as organisations, as people, we must, as Einstein recognised, harness our innate creativity.

As an established Rap poet, speaker and trainer, I use language and performance as the principle vehicles to help you reach new levels of clarity and creativity.

Below you can find out more about my signature training sessions. If you would like something more bespoke, just head over to the Contact Page


Signature Trainings:


1. Power Poetry Playshop
Where problem solving becomes poetry in motion and non-poets discover their inner Shakespeare.
In this training we will use Rap and Poetry as the creative tools that will allow you to explore challenges, arrive at elegant solutions and enjoy profound realisations.

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2. Visionary Message
This origianl training combines proven techniques to help you get right to the heart of the TRUE Story of what you are offering the world, with a powerful process that allows provides you with an inspiring strategy for communicating your value to the world.

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For the ‘Session-in-a-Box’ – Click HERE.


3. Access Your Anthem

Let my group of inspirational Singers, Rappers and Musicians take your team on a creative journey of discovery, bonding and growth.

The journey’s end will be a professionally recorded Company Anthem. An unforgettable experience, and a fantastic way for your team to achieve deep clarity on who you are and what you share with the world.

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The old rules no longer apply


Once upon a time, not too long ago, people would go to school, get a degree, then get a job. They would be safe and secure in that job, and, if they were lucky, they might be doing something they actually enjoyed.


Parents would tell their children to get the ‘safe job’, to ‘do the sensible thing’. That was the old rules.


Today, there are no safe jobs, and the sensible thing is not what it was. Thousands upon thousands of people are realising that the life they had been promised never materialised. That is because the old rules no longer apply. Today, the sensible thing is to discover something that you are passionate about and create your own role, where you are rewarded for doing something you love.


Under the old rules, such a path was reserved for struggling artists and naive dreamers. Now, however, we are realising that perhaps we each have a unique finger print because we each have a unique contribution to make to the world, a unique gift to give.


What’s brilliant is that when you discover that gift and start giving it, you start to expereince a life that is poetry in motion.


If you know you have something more to offer. If you have suppressed your creativity, or put it ‘on the backburner’, i am here to tell you that you have a duty to share your gift with the world, and that i am here to help you do it.


I offer a bespoke, year long mentoring service, where i will guide you through the three stages of getting the true and real you out into the world. If you’re ready to stop living the life you were told to live, and to start being the person you know you can be, then go to the ‘Contact’ page and drop me a message with the word ‘Mentoring’ at the top of your message.


If you’re perhaps not yet ready to make such a significant committment of time, energy and money, then you may want to check out some of the great tools i’ve put together to help people like you.

You’ll find my ‘Sessions-in-a-Box’  HERE.



Poems & wraps


Click the link to discover how my poetic talents can add WOW to your event, or how I can help you create an unforgettable gift.




The difference between crisis and opportunity is creativity. My creative leadership trainings will help you bring yours to the fore.


Be More


We each have a unique gift to give the world. My mentoring programs are there to help you find yours and share it profitably.

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